Your Secret Weapon

Parks_FeaturedHave you ever felt just beaten down by all of the stuff that comes against us in life?  Maybe you’re worried about work, your family, or your health… then that certain praise song comes on The Fish, you start to sing along, and all of a sudden, that stuff lifts.  There’s a reason for that:  There is Power in Praise!

Ephesians 6:12 reminds us about the spiritual warfare that rages around us.  Praise and Worship are a part of our battle gear!

I love what Rev. Mike Orr says about warfare:  “For us worship must precede warfare.  We are involved in a war that has been won, but still has battles to be fought…we have victory in Jesus… Worship reminds us of our victory.  Worship reminds us of how powerful our Lord is.”

So the next time you start to feel beaten down, pull out one of your secret weapons.  You may want to, you may not feel like it, but sing praises to our God and just see what happens.  Worship will remind you of His and Your victory!

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