Matthew’s Story

It started with a Facebook post: “What should I do with my kids old VHS tapes?” I had over 20 years of memories in a storage bin, from “Snow White,” “Cinderella,” to Veggie Tales, still in their well loved and worn cases.

I remember where each tape came from; a trip to Costco, a birthday, stocking stuffer. Both of my daughters had their favorite. My oldest daughter must have watched “Dumbo” a thousand times, and my youngest daughter was the “Robin Hood” fan.

I wanted options; it didn’t seem right to just drop all those memories off at a thrift store, or even try to sell them. Most of the Facebook responses I received pointed me in those directions until I received a private message from a Fish listener telling me about a family in Canton, Georgia, who had a son with Down Syndrome. This boy, Matthew, collected stacks of VHS tapes.

After connecting with Matthew’s mom, Kathy, she shared Matthew’s need and love for tapes. This 23-years-old stacks, inspects, rearranges and watches VHS tapes. They bring him joy, and a purpose. One Christmas, while watching a YouTube video on his new laptop, Matthew came across a video that explained the numbers coded on the side of a VHS tape, which ignited his passion. He now has an entire room dedicated to these tapes, along with a special compartment in his families camper. The Muppet movies are his favorite.

Clearly I found the perfect owner for my old VHS tapes. After a few mentions on the air, I had numerous Fish listeners who has VHS tapes for Matthew, too!

What a blessing it was to see the look on Matthews face when he came to pick up his mountain of VHS tapes. Spending time with him and his mom as they sorted through the tapes was so sweet; he could not wait to get home and start sorting! I wasn’t aware VHS tapes are no longer being produced; this adds to the blessing.

I received another box of VHS tapes for Mathew the day after he paid his visit; these will be saved for Christmas. 🙂

God uses everything to connect us, even old VHS tapes you have packed away in the attic. Romans 8: 36 refreshes this saying: “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”


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3 thoughts on “Matthew’s Story”

  1. Great story! So glad that God is using VHS tapes to bring such joy to this young man!
    That is fantastic! And they said the death notice for VHS was given 20 years ago. Looks
    like they’ve been resurrected at least here! That’s awesome!
    If there ever is a need for more tapes, please let us know, as we still have some
    we could donate ourselves (if needed).

  2. Hi Beth
    Can we still donate our VHS tapes to Matthew. Just got finished cleaning a cabinet out of ours and we have lots. Please let me know if I am able to send these to Matthew.
    Thanks so much
    Karen Cook

  3. I would also like to know if Matthew is still collecting tapes. Do we deliver them to the station? What a blessing to know that someone may love to have my grandsons VHS tapes – the youngest is a sophomore in high school.

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