Fades Away

My husband Rich and I were recently chatting about friendships and people that we have lost track of over the years.  It’s sad when a friendship fades and many times we are left to wonder why.  What happened?  Was this a friendship that was only meant to last a season or was there something more that transpired that we were not cognizant of at the time.  
Over time, our perspectives change, and we change.  God has revealed some things were taking place in my life. Things I missed at the time.   Here’s what I missed:  It’s too easy to get your feelings hurt when someone says or does something that hits too close (your personal soft spot) so we pull back.  Put simply, I retreated.
Verse 19 from Matthew 28 came to mind while writing this today… “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit”
That’s when it hit me.  We back off out of the fear of getting rejected.  I’ve backed off out of the fear of being rejected.  It’s hard to show the love of Christ when we clam up and retreat, running away!  It’s a product of our own pride.  Friendships and relationships change when we stop focusing on our own needs and desires.  Here is another approach…instead, why don’t we show the love of Christ; asking Him to use us to His glory in the life of another?  To reflect Him and to Love like Him.  Ice melts, and things change….
Total gamechanger!!

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