Kim Fitz

He is our Compass

What does September mean to you?

The anticipation of all things Fall is upon all. Don’t you love the moment you can smell Fall??

When football is back and we plan our trips to the pumpkin patches, corn mazes and apple orchards.

A few years ago, during our annual Pumpkin Farm outing my Husband was leading us through the corn maze. I always hand the map directly over to him, because if I were in charge we would still be walking around in circles. My son and I sauntered around whimsically while he led us with love, confidence and care.

It hit me in that very moment, that is exactly how God has led me all my life.

Truth be told, I have gone off course a time or two or three…

He continues to lead me through life’s corn maze. No matter how many times I have wanted to just sit down or come to a dead end and cried out. He has never once gotten frustrated at my whimsical sauntering. He has led me with his unwavering love, care and confidence.

I am forever grateful God led me out of where I was to where I am now. Grateful he gave me a man, my beautiful husband to lead me closer towards Him.

If you’re feeling lost, know you are not alone. Let him hold your hand and guide you through this crazy corn maze of a life. He knows the way; He’s got the map.

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1 thought on “He is our Compass”

  1. I enjoyed reading your comments about Fall and your family. I also enjoy listening to you on the Fish. You have the perfect voice of fresh air for the radio. I listen to the Fish everyday and couldn’t make it without it. I just reviewed all the staff pictures on the home page. Now I can picture your beautiful face when I listen. Sounds like the Lord has blessed you with a beautiful family! Thanks so much for lifting my spirits everyday.

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