Eyes To See

The accounts of the days following Easter are very interesting in the Gospels; Jesus keeps popping up and surprising people over and over. Two of his disciples mistake him for a fellow traveler on the road to Emmaus. Mary Magdalene, who knew him very well, thought he was a gardener.

It makes me wonder, if the people who walked and talked with him, ate and traveled all over Judea with him, could fail to recognize him, how often to we miss seeing him when he is right in front of us?

The opportunities to see and experience Jesus are endless, but they are disruptive. It’s not convenient to stop and give a homeless person a helping hand. It doesn’t always fit into our schedule to visit with or even call an elderly relative that would LOVE to see or hear from us. With our schedules always so packed, our days so frantic and our lives going constantly at 100 miles per hour, it’s easy to miss Jesus, right in front of us.

Maybe we need to slow down, learn to say ‘no’ to even some good things and turn our attention to looking for Jesus. Just like the people in the Bible, he’s right there, if you have eyes to see.

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  1. Great message. We all could benefit from this advice to look for Jesus in our everyday lives.

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