Where Are Your THIN Places?

Did I get you to click on this headline because you thought it included secrets to losing weight? Psych!  It’s a weird term isn’t it? “Thin Places”. It may make you think of towns where everyone is skinny. Ha!  Actually, it refers to places where you feel closest to God – less distance “thinner” between earth and heaven, where you almost feel as if you’re on holy ground.

It’s easy to find “thin places” when you travel, leaving the stress of your  job and daily life behind to visit some place IMG_3675new.  But how about on a daily basis?  My “thin places” are when I’m trail running along the Chattahoochee River.  It’s my time for solitude, sanity, solace and prayer.  I do my best talking to God and listening for His voice when I’m out there running. When I see the beauty of His handiwork in the deer and the ducks and hear His voice in the wind and the rushing of the rapids, I’m reminded of His sovereignty.

Chances are, I’ve prayed for you while my feet are trudging over miles of roots, rocks and red Georgia clay.  So many people think I’m insane for running alone in the woods.  But not only have I never felt unsafe, I wouldn’t trade my time with Jesus for anything.

I’d love to encourage you to find your “thin places”.  Maybe it’s when you walk the dog in the morning, or maybe you develop the habit of stepping out to look at the moon and the stars each night before bed. Look for Him.  In those thin places, you will be compelled to cast all your cares upon Him and be reminded that He cares for you – no matter what you’re facing.

I Peter 5:7.

With love,

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