A Broken Heart

Have you ever had a broken heart?

That question may bring back memories of a crush in elementary school or a special someone you loved in high school.  Of course, you can get “broken” from more than someone you loved deeply no longer being in your life.  It could be brokenness from a past mistake, someone who purposely hurt you in a life-changing way, or an unfulfilled dream.

But there’s hope;  God is in the business of mending broken hearts. (Psalm 147:3).  I recently learned, (ironically from binge-watching a TV show, please don’t judge) that there’s a Japanese art form called Kintsukuroi, where they repair broken pottery with powdered gold. There’s no attempt to hide the damage. The pottery turns out even more beautiful after it’s been repaired. It comes from the Japanese philosophy of embracing the flawed or imperfect.

Isn’t that the most beautiful analogy of what God does in our lives?  He takes our broken hearts, our past mistakes, our unfulfilled expectations, and He makes them beautiful. Psalm 34:18 promises that,  “The Lord is near to the broken hearted.”

One of my favorite songs we’re playing right now is “Broken Beautiful” by Ellie Holcomb.  In it, Ellie sings about how God covers all our heartache, no matter how deep, with His Grace. Our scars are just evidence of how miraculous His healing can be.

Be encouraged: He will make the broken parts of your heart and life beautiful again.  Please remember His perfect unconditional, unfailing love this Valentine’s Day.

With love,

The Kevin & Taylor Show

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