Our Word for 2017

Every December I reach out to God through prayer and Bible study to see what God wants my wife Donna, my boys and myself to focus on in the coming year, so that we can better walk out the next year in stride with how He wants us to both tap into more of who He is and respond to the goals and challenges of the coming year with His amazing character.

This year the scripture that stood out was Psalm 65:11. It says that he will encircle my year with ABUNDANCE. Without sounding televangelistic (I made that word up), I believe that word is not for just the Probst household, but, it encompasses all who and believe walk with Christ.

The Probsts could definitely use some financial windfall, don’t get me wrong…but I believe more rightly, his abundance is literally our realization that in every opportunity, every challenge or any situation, He is tremendously bigger than any limitation I may put on Him or myself personally.

My prayer for you is the same promise that I am believing for, and praying over my family. That, this year, “2017” will be encircled with God’s abundance.

Rick Probst from FaithTalk LiVE
Talk Show Host and Pastor

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