Time to Dig Some Wells

It’s time to dig some wells.  No, I’m not talking about the drought we are experiencing here in Georgia!

Have you ever noticed in the Old Testament how many passages are about wells – like Isaiah 12:3?  I learned why in a devotion from Brad White, “…drawing water from a well points to a practice done in ancient times.  After people heard God speak, they would often dig a well and give it a name.  As a result, whenever they took water from it, they would remember God’s words and goodness.”

When the world seem nuts and your life seems upside down, sometimes we question God’s love for us.  It’s time to go to our wells.  I have a document I keep on my smart phone, so it’s handy, of the “wells” in my life.  Jesus was obviously right there and working for my good.  From Him saving me at age 18 in a hotel room in Richmond, Virginia, to many years later, when He called me on the phone, seriously!  See, God gave an old friend of mine a dream that accurately described the previous year of my life and the absolute mess I had made of it. She didn’t know anything about what had happened.  She just knew He prompted her to call!  That wake-up call led to massive relationship restoration.

Those are just a couple of my wells – time to dig your own and keep them ready to remember God’s goodness, especially when everything seems nuts! 😉

~ Parks

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