No More Hide & Seek

When you think about it, we’re really good at hiding.  The first humans in history, Adam and Eve, hid from God in the Garden.  We learn about hiding as infants with “peek-a-boo” and then we graduate to hide and seek.  Once when I was 5, I was staying with my mom’s best friend Judy while my parents traveled to a family funeral.  I was so homesick (and tired of her 3-year-old hitting me over the head with his toy dump truck), that I hid from Judy behind a Winnie-the-Pooh display at a shopping mall.  I nearly gave her a heart attack.

I can be pretty good at “hiding” from God too.  We can tend to feel lost when we face shattered dreams.  We want to hide when we commit sins that we’re ashamed of.  I’ve even fooled myself into thinking,  “I’ll clean up my life a bit and then I can let God ‘find me’ again when I’m back on the straight and narrow. ”

That’s just crazy thinking!  God promises us that there is NOTHING that can separate us from his love. (Romans 8:35-39) In the parable of the lost sheep (Luke 15) Jesus talks about leaving the entire flock to find that one lost sheep and there’s rejoicing in heaven when he is found.

I was able to listen to a super-secret pre-release of MercyMe’s new CD “Lifer” that comes out 3/31.  (One of the cool perks of the job.)  When the song, “You Found Me”, hit my ears, it was like an anthem.  I’ve hit repeat on that song at least 30 times already.  It’s a play on words from the game of hide and seek, and talks about how we’re “Never the same, ever since that day, that you found me”, and shouts the promise, “I am yours and you are mine.”

Let’s stop trying to hide from God.  His love, mercy and grace are there for us thanks to the sacrifice Jesus made on the Cross. The prodigal can return home, and all is forgiven.  No more hide and seek. What a promise!


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