Loving Like Jesus

In the past week we have seen tremendous change in our country. Change that has left many elated and others fearful of what comes next. So what do we, followers of Jesus, do in the midst of all of this uncertainty? We recommit to “loving like Jesus”.

So what does ‘loving like Jesus’ look like in today’s angry tweeting, snarky text messaging, scorched-earth facebook posting world? It looks very much like it did in Jesus time. It looks like:

  • Loving God with your whole heart, mind and soul.
  • Loving your neighbor as yourself.

In practical terms “loving like Jesus” means looking past our political, social and racial divides and embracing each other as we move forward, just as Jesus does. We do it one individual, one heart, one life at a time. We walk a mile in other people’s shoes to create empathy.  We listen to their hurts and fears and responding lovingly, not defensively, so that we can gain understanding. And we share the truth of God in Christ compassionately, to show people the love that defines us as Christians.

History teaches us that change is and always will be constant. Society evolves, issues change and nothing seems to last forever. But take heart! As followers of Jesus, we know better! There is something that lasts forever; God’s love and God’s mercy. Rest in that HIs love, take comfort in His mercy, and commit that no matter what the next four years brings, you will ‘love like Jesus’.

~ Kevin

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