The Emotion of Christmas

My friend Deb’s Facebook post describes the true emotion of Christmas time and the New Year. Here’s her post:

Shopping around Target, grabbing whatever I needed from the shelves, I stopped and stood still, right in the aisle and began to weep. This has NEVER happened to me. I stopped with complete humility and gratefulness to be able to do exactly that- shop and get what I wanted freely; and to have three incredibly healthy amazing children, a husband that works so hard and remains the most amazing, loving, kind, and compassionate person I know. I have and know a God that lives inside of me that sparked these tears in my eyes… both tears of joy, and of compassion for those who don’t have what I have, some not even close. Please let’s never, ever take our blessings for granted, especially during the holiday season.

I’ve cried these tears, too: while picking up expensive yet necessary prescription medicines, requiring just a co-pay and covered by insurance. While standing behind a sullen looking senior saint at the grocery store, their cart contents reflect a possibly lonely life. I’ve gotten weepy at every age watching my kids sleep, both thankful for their lives and tearfully trusting God with their struggles. And, don’t get me going on those Hallmark Movies. 🙂 

One look at a Fish Christmas wish and my perspective is sharpened, I am so blessed and humbled. I have stood in the same aisle at Target that Deb was in when she broke down in tears of gratefulness at the ability to purchase toilet paper and crackers. It’s an amazing gift of awareness God grants us. May the celebration of Jesus’s birth bring on those grateful tears.

James tells us that, “every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.”(James 1:17, NIV). Because God is faithful, we can be receptive to him at all times, in all places, even during difficulty. Like the carolers sing, “may your Christmas be merry and bright,” and may God bless you with those grateful tears.

~ Beth Bacall

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