The Cross Sticks Out

My wife, Donna and I have three boys that we love and adore. Caleb is 27 years old; Jake is 17 and Elijah is 14.

Every Easter she thoughtfully and painstakingly puts together easter baskets with their favorite candies, a special gift and a chocolate cross. I have always thought the chocolate crosses sitting on the store shelf looked a little bit cheesy, but this year I have a new thought about them.

In the midst of all the bright colors and sweet treats in the basket, the cross sticks out like a sore thumb-much like a photo shopped head in a family photo. Why? Not to over spiritualize everything, but I believe it stands out, looks odd, and out of place, because it forces us to remember that the cross was meant to stand out!

It causes us to face the purpose of the cross and how it’s linked to our past and future. The empty cross and rolled away stone of Jesus’ grave challenges me to stop allowing failures, guilt and shame to put me in a place where I have to continually pay for my humanity, trying to earn the acceptance and blessing of God. Instead, this Cross should always point out the hope of the empty tomb of Jesus!

To Quote my pastor, “The stone wasn’t rolled away to let Jesus out, but for us to look in and see our future.”  The cross and the empty tomb reveals that because I live in Him I should live my life with expectancy, purpose, and passion instead of allowing myself to be nailed down in my humanity.

Rick Probst from FaithTalk LiVE
Talk Show Host and Pastor

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