A Sinner, a Saint and a Savior

Mary Magdalen was a sinner extraordinaire. She was much like us; lost and trying to make her way through a cold and hard world. But she met Jesus and all of that changed. In Jesus she found hope, forgiveness and salvation. The old Mary was gone and a new woman stood in her place. Doesn’t that sound like our own story?

Mary Magdalen’s transformation was so profound that it inspired one of the great saints of the church, Saint Catherine of Siena to write of her;

“The dear Magdalen … thought no longer of herself, but she clothed herself in Christ crucified.  She no longer turned to prestige or grandeur or her own vanities.  She took no more pleasure or delight in the world.  She didn’t think or worry about anything but how she could follow Christ.  Otherwise she would never have stood among those soldiers of Pilate, nor would she have gone and stayed alone at the tomb.  Love kept her from thinking, “What will it look like?  Will people speak ill of me…?”  Her thoughts were only on how she might find and follow her Master.”

Between Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday, Mary Magdalen never gave up hope. She knew that aside from Jesus her life made no sense. She had given everything to Jesus and even the crucifying her Savior would not keep her away. She knew that aside from Jesus, she was lost, hopeless and desolate. She clung to something beyond the grave; something in her knew that there was more. Doesn’t that sound like our own story?

This Easter Week, can I encourage you to follow the path that Mary Magdalen did? Cling to hope beyond reason. Hold on to love that reaches beyond the grave. Embrace the gift of salvation that lasts beyond This life and into eternity. Cling as Mary did, to Jesus.

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