Mr. Melancholy

Rick_FeaturedI love the book of Psalms in the Bible because I can totally relate to it. Most People who know me think of me as an outgoing, Sanguine.  A laugh-a-minute personality. That IS true, I love to laugh and connect with all kinds of people.

But, there is another side to my persona that most people rarely see-Mr. Melancholy. He’s the guy looks at the glass half-empty, wants to hide away, says the sky is falling and can be filled with self-pity. While Mr. Melancholy is VERY creative, He can also be very dark and deep.

I see David, the writer of The Psalms, going through the same highs and lows of life that we all experience.The beauty of the psalmist David is that he was unafraid to communicate with God in a real, raw and gritty way. Disappointments, misunderstandings and dashed dreams filled pages as he called out to God asking WHY? Even while in deepest despair, he would allow God’s Spirit to breathe hope into his current outlook saying, “Lord, you know my troubles, and You deliver me from them all.”

Seeing my own personal struggles written on the pages of time gives me strength because I know I’m not alone in my struggle but that the God of hope is there with me and the leading me out!

~Rick Probst

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