Love Like Jesus

Kevin_FeaturedThe world needs more of people like you! People with one agenda…sharing and showing the love of God, overflowing in and emanating out and through you.

That is how our world will be changed. One person at a time, reaching out to one another, showing kindness, compassion and empathy. Person to person, human to human.

When we act on the love of God within us, we are witnessing the miraculous. Instead of a label, we see people as Jesus sees them. And then we are made capable of standing with them in their joy and sorrow; triumph and tragedy.

Jesus was never ashamed to love lavishly and show compassion unashamedly. He was a steadfast in reaching out to the marginalized and rejected. His followers should be too! Loving lavishly with no agenda other than showing the welcoming heart of God-when we do this we change our hearts, our communities and the world!

~ Kevin Avery

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