God Moments

Does it ever seem like you go through day-to-day life, feeling pretty small. Pretty insignificant. Pretty non-important.

I have been there too!

But here is the truth. God didn’t create you to be small. The one who made the universe and all of the galaxies beyond our wildest imaginations also made…YOU! There are no ‘extra people’. Everyone has a purpose and is a part of God’s grand plan!

Yes, sitting in traffic, packing lunches, going to another boring meeting and doing all of our day-to-day stuff is where we find God and where God finds us. The casual chats with your kids driving to soccer practice. Greeting your neighbor at the mailbox. Overpaying for coffee at your local coffee shop. All of those ‘ordinary moments’ are God moments.

Don’t think so? Read the Gospels. Jesus moved in and out of the lives of ordinary people, doing ordinary things;

  • She was just at the well getting water.
  • He was tired from working the late shift fishing all night.
  • She had just dropped the kids off at pre-school.

See how the ordinary stuff it fits? How we have the opportunity to be aware of the presence of God in our lives 24/7. How we have the gift of Grace and the chance to share it in the ‘ordinary’ stuff!

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