With God All Things Are Possible

When was the last time you were just barely holding on to hope?  In the darkest of circumstances, hope is what we cling to – that glimmer that there’s light at the end of the tunnel. 

Our hearts are breaking for the people of Haiti who are just barely clinging to hope right now.  When Kevin and I visited this impoverished country years ago, we thought things couldn’t get any worse. We had never witnessed such dire poverty. Then the earthquake hit. Fast forward to today, in addition to dire poverty, you have corruption in the government, rioting in the streets, and such unrest that people who already couldn’t get food and supplies regularly, are now completely cut off.

Yet during our trip to Haiti, we saw hope in the eyes of mothers, and faith in the hearts of fathers.  They were praying for YOU, that you would have the same heart as Jesus for the poor, and help them in their time of need.

We have such an incredible opportunity during our Day of Hope with Food for the Poor on Tuesday, June 25th through our giving, to give HOPE to the mothers, fathers and children in Haiti.   Just a one-time gift of $320 or $27 a month for a total of 12 months, provides food for a year and clean, safe water for life for a family in Haiti!

When that mother gets a plate of food to feed her children or that gush of clean water to quench her kid’s thirst, she will know that her prayers to touch your heart were answered.

Haiti may seem hopeless.  But we know the hearts of Fish listeners and your desire to love like Jesus did.  We also know that with God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26)  Will you please considering giving generously to help break the cycle of poverty in Haiti?  I can’t think of a better was to reflect the heart of God here on earth.

With love,


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