I was walking through the lobby of The Fish and heard someone sobbing, a woman leaning over our receptionist’s desk was reading a Christmas Wish that her friend submitted for her. The wish asked for the necessary funds to adopt a little girl she had been fostering for years. This woman thought she was coming for a possible job interview, instead her life changed in a different way, thanks to the kindness of others: those who gave to the wish fund, and her friend who had the faith to ask.

Another family celebrated the arrival of twins this year, and they were struggling after dad lost his job. This diesel mechanic could not find full time work, and he suffers with PTSD from his time in the military. Their son Josiah was a proud big brother and did without many things, gladly. Josiah is in middle school and we all know what a critical time this is in a young persons life. Playing baseball was his passion. Josiah made it onto an exclusive travel league but wasn’t able to practice or play due to lack of family funds. On a whim and a prayer, Josiah’s mom submitted a Christmas wish request for the amount needed for him to play ball and now, Josiah is back at batting practice!

During a live broadcast in Gainesville, a Fish listener known for being quietly generous during our fundraisers gave me one thousand dollars for every day of Christmas. Hand delivered with tears in his eyes, he asked me to find a wish to grant, sharing that he did not grow up with much but now that he was able, he wanted to give.

At another broadcast, Aaron, an electrician, walked in at 6:30 a.m. asking if he could give a cash donation and handed me ten crisp one hundred dollar bills. Clearly this was a deliberate decision.

A single dad with insurmountable car problems did not even know his friend submitted him for a Fish Christmas wish until another family showed up his house on Christmas Day and gave him the keys and title to one of their family cars. What an incredible gift!

These are but a drop of the wishes granted, we will never fully know the extent of the blessings involved in the 4000 wishes received, and however many were granted. The cool thing is, we don’t need to know for sure. God knows.

Another Wish, handled beautifully by Fish morning gal Taylor Scott took a spiritual turn and the gift of God’s witness took over. And isn’t that the best gift to give and receive.

God Bless You in this New Year.

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