Kim Fitz

What are some of the sights you took in this summer?

A sight I will never forget recently happened at the pool. 

Last summer my seven-year-old son couldn’t stand to have water on his face. For several years my husband and I guided and did our best to teach him how to swim. Yet, he still found it challenging to swim and HATED water on his face. 

This summer, one of my favorite sights was witnessing him diving into the deep end and confidently swimming to the edge. 

Every parent watching their kid swim in the deep end for the first time holds their breath all while cheering them on.

Maybe that is this year for you. Your home is experiencing a transition. 

Is your kid stepping into school for the first time or graduating? 

Every moment is bittersweet.

Thankfully God has guided and taught each of us how to swim towards our next destination, sometimes through the deep end. All we must do is confidently leap. Jump off that diving board and trust Him. He is right there cheering us on! He is our life jacket and will never let us drown.

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