Trusting God in Relationships

My Dad is 82 and recently drove his pick-up truck 12 and a half hours away to his home town of Swissdale, PA. By himself. I emphasize “by himself” because several folk close to us have gasped and responded to that feat by saying “at his age!?!”

Yes, without a second thought.

He has always been strong, mentally and physically. This is his first trip away from home since moving in with us after losing Mother almost two years ago. I am extremely proud of him for stepping out and taking that giant step by himself into the unknown. It took great courage on his part. They spent their lives ‘being together.’ Went everywhere together. They literally did everything together. Mother and Dad were high school sweethearts and for 60 plus years, he loved and cared for her like I have rarely seen. He did that without reservation until she took her last breath. So for him to take this trip home as they had done together for 60 years, but this time without Mother, was a hard but brave step. Thankfully he was met with the love of his siblings-reliving childhood memories and making new ones.

I have always loved and respected Dad, but Mother and I were really close. Throughout my teenage years and early 20’s there was seemingly an invisible wedged that keep my Dad and I from connecting emotionally. He loved me, and I loved and respected him, but still, we kept our hearts at a distance. Fast forward to NOW. Having Dad in his own apartment connected to our home has been an utter joy.

It delights our family to be able to keep an eye on him, have meals with him and putter around the yard and in his shop with him. That’s where I see God’s redemption at work. In the midst of death, God made a way of redemption(a buying back).

Dad and I weren’t necessarily working on getting closer, but because God is like the Prodigal Father, looking for the opportunity to bring together and restore. He-GOD, made it happen.

Joel 2:25 says “ I will make up for the losses”. Let this give you hope. Those relationships in your life that have been marred, strained, stained and even murdered by our humanity CAN be restored and made new again.

Trust God. How? Whisper that Prayer, take that small step and give God the space to finish what He has started. One plants, one waters, but GOD gives the increase.

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  1. Great message. Glad you’ve had the chance to strengthen this important relationship, even at such a late stage in your dad’s life.

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