My fascination with wells in the Bible continues to grow…

The Bible is full of references to wells.  I originally learned why in a devotion from Brad White, “…After people heard God speak, they would often dig a well and give it a name.  As a result, whenever they took water from it, they would remember God’s words and goodness.”

Well, consider my mind blown, when Pastor Banning Liebscher, mentioned another purpose of wells.  The wells dug by The Israelites were a claim on the land.  The well not only reminded them of miracles God had done in their lives and gave them much needed water, but the digging of the well said…”This land/territory is ours!”

Banning then asked, “What is the territory God is trying to give you that you’ve yet to occupy?”  That is a question I’ve been pondering over the last few months.  Maybe, like me, fear or insecurity has kept you from stepping on in to that blessing/territory God has for you.  Let us lift each other up in prayer for the guidance and strength to take up our shovels and start digging.

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