Taste and See

Donut Prince is a famous donut shop in Burbank, California. “If your marriage has a hole in it, fill it with a donut,” say owners Tek and Betty. God works in unique ways: this husband and wife team found that owning this business steered them away from divorce. Now, their iconic shop helps share their message, while satisfying the sweet tooth of many.

Donut shops in Atlanta offer their own story: Revolution Donuts is dedicated to making handcrafted food made by people, not machines. This family-business began as The Little Red Hen Bakeshop and quickly outgrew selling at local farmer markets. Their goal is to revitalize the American donut. Sublime Donuts is the product of a Marietta High School student being inspired by a Dunkin’ Donuts speaker on career day. He took a leap of faith ten years ago, and now has one of the most successful shops in Atlanta.

It’s a God moment that inspires me to tell you more about the Donut Prince. I was in Los Angeles, staying at a hotel within walking distance to the shop. The three hour time difference had me waking up super early. So every morning during my stay, I went to the shop to do my devotions, had a cup of coffee, and watched the sun come up while sitting in a quiet, tiny pink booth.

My first day there I only ordered coffee. I know, boring, but I was feeling the California vibe, and I needed a good workout to make room for an amazing treat. The next day I did get my workout in and made my way to Donut Prince. When I entered at 5 a.m. the glass case was filled with freshly made, amazing, ‘worth the workout’ donuts. I ordered an absolutely perfect in every way cinnamon twist and coffee and sat down to start my devotions.

The first words to embrace my heart as I took a sip of coffee and a bite of that twist were, “Taste and see that the Lord is good. Oh, the joys of those who
take refuge in him!” Psalm 34:8.

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