“I’m sorry, not sorry I’m late, I slept in today” is one of the best things I ever heard my friend Cathy say. Cathy is a well planned, uber-organized, high-level corporate assistant, and a newly divorced single mom. The arrival of this pandemic increased her workload in many departments. She now works from her new at-home office, as does her team, all while caring for her three dogs. Did I mention her home is new, too? Covid came right in the middle of Cathy’s quest to find, purchase, and move into the condo of her dreams. Whew! 

She’s as dedicated as it gets, and sticks to an early morning routine that sets the tone for her day. When you have three dogs to walk, your morning starts early, like it or not. One this particular morning the dogs work her up at their usual way-too-early time of 5:40 am. She dutifully walked them, and then decided to crawl right back into bed. Perhaps it was the fresh fall air, or the comfort of clean sheets; whatever the reason, she allowed herself to break routine. She slept until she woke without an alarm, then made herself a cup of coffee and opened her devotional. 

Here is the word she was given: Psalm 127:2, “It’s useless to rise early and go to bed late and work your worried fingers to the bone. Don’t you know he enjoys giving rest to those he loves?”

What a word from God! Cathy felt amazing for the rest of the day and has received this word an overall new direction for her life. Her new routine now includes increased intentional time to be with God, and to rest her body, mind, and soul. She’s a planner, so she has literally set reminders to help her build this habit. 

Rest has been a buzzword for this age of Covid, with families and individuals noting that forced rest has been needed. Rest in the Lord with a neighborhood walk, a cup of tea or by sitting and hearing the music and messages The Fish Atlanta offers. I’m glad Cathy is understanding the importance of this rejuvenating daily practice. I hope rest has become a part of your new normal, too.

How are you resting, I’d love to hear your story, please email me

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