Perfect in Christ

As a mom of three wonderful boys, I feel so blessed!  Not to mention, I get to hang out with you on The Fish every night.  

God showed me an interesting thing tonight.  I was surfing on-line and came upon the definition of perfection.  Merriam-Webster defines it as “freedom from fault or defect:Flawlessness” or “the quality or state of being saintly.”  Wow, that caught my attention. Saintly???  I have been driven for years to be the perfect mom, employee, friend, worker, student and best child of the King that I could be. The thing is…there’s only ONE who IS perfect!!  

So why am I depending on others to validate my need for perfection???   
It’s so easy to exhaust yourself in that state of constant striving for perfection.  You expect things of yourself that you would never expect from someone else.  No mistakes allowed!  You must be “perfect”!! Flawless??? 

The Bible says “You must be perfect, as your heavenly father is perfect” (Matthew 5:48) BUT Jesus continued to let us know what He meant“Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them” (Matthew 5:17). Jesus came to perfectly fulfill on our behalf God’s demand on us for perfection. 

You can’t hate your way into accepting yourself and you can’t keep beating yourself up because you are not perfect. 
When you know who you are and who’s you are, your need for self perfection will ease up and you will be free to be a beautifully flawed and loved child of the king.   Give yourself that well deserved hug for trying, for continuing to walk and grow with Him, and for making it as far as you have!!!  The true perfect one is rooting you on!!

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