No Mask Required

What a weird year 2020 has been. And here we find ourselves in the middle of a cultural battle over whether to wear a mask or not. Pro-Maskers want everyone to wear masks to prevent the spread of Covid, while opposition opinions range from personal freedom to the legitimacy of wearing a mask actually working. You’ve probably had these conversations yourself or at least seen the heated debate on social media.  

But there is one place where you don’t have to wear a mask. As a matter of fact, if you wear a mask in this place it will be detrimental to your health. Your spiritual health.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks I’ve had in my life is wearing a mask before God. Not a physical one, but to name a few; a mask of perfection, a mask of misplaced self-love, a mask of comparison. You can probably compile your own list and like mine, it will go on and on. 

At the foot of the cross, no masks are allowed. To fall into the arms of our savior Jesus Christ mask removal is required. The demand that Jesus makes on our hearts is that of brutal honesty and transparency. Only then can He begin His healing work in our lives. 

So this is good news! You might be required to wear a mask at the grocery store, at the Department of Motor Vehicles and even in church. But the one place wear masks aren’t only discouraged, they are forbidden, is face-to-face with Jesus.  


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