Never Enough

Ok, I’ll admit it…I am officially obsessed with the movie, “The Greatest Showman.” The movie was phenomenal and also family friendly – which is (sadly) a rarity these days. I also LOVE the soundtrack for the movie…every single song. And it was while I was listening to one of those songs the other day, that God hit me with a spiritual lesson.

The song is called “Never Enough,” and it’s sung by the character Jenny Lind (portrayed by Rebecca Ferguson, but the song was voiced by Loren Allred). It’s a beautiful song with incredible vocals and orchestration. In the movie, we find out that Jenny grew up being poor which leads me to think that’s where the lyrics to the song are probably birthed. And the lyrics of the chorus, in particular, struck me as I listened:


All the shine of a thousand spotlights 
All the stars we steal from the nightsky
Will never be enough
Never be enough
Towers of gold are still too little
These hands could hold the world but it’ll
Never be enough
Never be enough

As I contemplated these lyrics, I thought, wow! This is the human condition!  We go through our lives trying to fill a hole in ourselves with anything and everything that we can, and none of it is ever enough. Not popularity or riches (as Jenny sings about), not food, cars, homes, houses, jobs, kids – not anything will ever be enough to fill that hole that can ONLY be filled by one thing and one thing alone.  A relationship with Jesus Christ. Everything else in this world will be fleeting and unsatisfying, and we will constantly hunger for more.

Paul talks about this in Philippians chapter 3 verses 4-10, when he says he had every reason to boast in the flesh, and goes on to list his accomplishments. But then he says he counts all those accomplishments as loss – and then goes on to call them rubbish (literally, a heap of waste or dung) in comparison to knowing Jesus Christ his Lord. Like the song says, we could hold the whole world in our hands, but it would NEVER be enough to fill the hole that can ONLY be filled by Jesus. Anything else is like trying to collect water in a colander.

So what are you chasing after today? What materials, relationships or other things are you trying desperately to fill that hole with? If it’s anything other than Jesus, it’ll never be enough.

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2 thoughts on “Never Enough”

  1. A pastor i know loves the song so much . The first time he was praying while the instrumental of this song was playing and it disturbed my mind. I wanted to ask him whether he really knows the song ,but i instead decided to look for a review on Google. Glad i found your write up .

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