Let Your Light Shine

I’m sure it’s no big news to you that we live in a youth obsessed culture.  Being a woman in media, I was more acutely aware of it, especially when it came to my job.  You don’t see too many older women in media.  I didn’t celebrate birthdays and I never, EVER, told anyone my age.  I remember when I hit 30 –I thought, “oh, no, I’m so old!  My life is basically over.”  Then I hit 40 – I thought, “oh, no, I’m so old!  My life is basically over.”  Then I hit 50…but my reaction was different because of a dear friend and radio mentor, Sheila Richards.

See, Sheila was a few years older than me and so full of life.  I watched her bravely battle Ovarian Cancer as she fought for every year, every day, every breath.  Her motto was, “Let your light shine!” and she did that even when she was terribly ill.  Sadly, she went to be with the Lord, 7 years ago…just four days after her birthday.

Sheila and her battle made me realize I need to celebrate and be thankful for every year God grants me.  Each day is a tremendous gift.  I can proudly pronounce that I am 55 years old and thankful for every day!

In honor of Sheila’s well lived life, I want to remind you September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.  Familiarize yourself with early warning signs at


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