I got sticker shock at the grocery store. There I was buying the same things I usually fill my pantry with, like bone broth, organic ground turkey, sweet potatoes, ice cream, and cha-ching, the cost increased so much that I put the ice cream back. I could have afforded it, but the principle bugged me. As much as I expected to pay more during this season of inflation, I still wasn’t ready to spend that much more. I’ll work up to it, find a few extra coupons and get the ice cream next time. Geez.

And, I have a new strategy when it comes to filling up my tank. When

gas prices started to climb, I started filling up when my tank was half empty. The cost equaled what a full tank used to be. Now, I fill up based on my mood. If I am feeling fresh and fly on my way home from work I’ll fill up if I need gas. If it was a hard day I’ll wait until the next morning, because who wants to compete with a gas tank that takes over fifty dollars to fill? God knows what is happening with our gas tank, groceries, and bank accounts. I hope you find encouragement in a song we play on the Fish by Maverick City Music called Jireh. God introduced himself in the Bible as Jehovah Jireh, meaning the Lord will provide.” No matter the cost, God provides.

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