What I learned from Hallmark Christmas Movies:

Ok, I’ll be really honest – when I heard the Hallmark Channel was going to start 24/7 Christmas movies on Saturday OCTOBER 27, I did two things:  1.) I rolled my eyes nearly out of my head! And 2.)  I immediately called my husband, Greg, because he LOVES these things.  And yes, I have given him some good-natured grief about his love of the Hallmark Christmas Movies over the years.  I even posted something about it on Facebook – this is when I had my eyes opened to their popularity.  Not only did I hear from Hallmark loving women, I had a ton of big, burly, manly guys – like my husband – confess to “loving them some Hallmark!”

So why are these so popular? Add some snow covered Christmas lights and sugar cookies and you’ll see that the family business can be saved, that the account executive will discover family is more important than business, and that the lonely guy and gal (that initially can’t stand each other) will find true love!  I think I get it now.  It’s all about HOPE.

If the hope in these sweet Christmas stories is so powerful, how much more powerful is the hope we have in the Greatest Story Ever Told!  Our hope in Jesus stands even if our lives don’t follow these predictable plot points.  It will work out in the end because He is our hope.


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