Securing your beach umbrella properly sets the tone for your beach day on Tybee Island. People go to great lengths to get this set up secure.I witnessed a man who brought his drill with an auger Drill Bit to Tybee usually used for planting bulbs flowers, that thing twirled into the ground in record time followed by their umbrella,effortlessly. I found this tool on Amazon for $20 bucks. Go ahead pull your beach business plan together using that. When your beach umbrella takes the impact you need it to absorb on a windy day your beach time is better. When you need to struggle and make sure your umbrella doesn’t fly out of the ground and hurt someone, the decision to go without sun protection gets serious. Our beach day started out calm and hot then suddenly got interrupted by blustery wind. I’d like to say that the number of beach umbrellas that ended up in the beach trash can was comforting. Instead, said auger is on order and I’ll be bringing a drill to the beach after one of my kids returns it. There is great comfort in God’s word whether you’re staring at the ocean or thinking about a beach day. Psalm 136:6 takes us straight to the maker of the beach: who spread out the earth upon the waters, His love endures forever.

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