Drawing from the Well

Sometimes our experiences aren’t just about us. Sometimes you literally have to share your faith with a hurting person whose faith is faltering.
A dear friend of mine recently asked me what I did when I had a crisis of faith. I told her I went back to “one of my wells.” I got the “well” concept from a devotion by Brad White, “…drawing water from a well points to a practice done in ancient times. After people heard God speak, they would often dig a well and give it a name. As a result, whenever they took water from it, they would remember God’s words and goodness.”
Don’t get me wrong, some of those “well moments” happened after I went through extremely painful circumstances where I wondered…”why is this happening?! I went on to share with her the miraculous where Jesus was obviously right there and working for my good. She replied she just couldn’t think of anything like that happening in her own life. So, I told her she could share mine. It’s humbling and pretty awesome to realize that your experiences with God aren’t always just about you. Perhaps you have a friend who needs a little water from one of your “wells.”

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