Don’t Overthink


With the kids getting settled back in school what are you hoping they learn this year?

Hi, this is Parks Stamper, middays on the Fish.  Maybe its Algebra 1.  Ugh. I found that a bit challenging… It was so frustrating for me – a good student in everything else but math.  I went to a place of incorrect overthinking…”well, I’m just not good at math my brain is not wired for algebra, I’ll never, EVER get this, what difference does it make anyway – I’m never going to use it in real life!!!”  I landed in a place of fear and defensiveness – me, math, we were finished.

My prayer for us this school year is we learn NOT to do the same thing in our spiritual life.  Mandisa shared the story behind her new song “Unfinished”. After her good friend died she started incorrect overthinking…questioning, doubting, wondering, “Is this God that I believe in really good?” If so, why did He allow this to happen?  Mandisa sunk into a 3 year depression.  Jesus started lifting her out of that pit showing her that even though she may not fully understand God’s higher ways right now – God is still good, faithful and we can still trust and rest in that truth and that He who began a good work in us is faithful to complete it.

He’s just not finished with us, yet.

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