Are you embracing your freedom?

I’m not talking about celebrating the freedom of living in the USA. We’re pretty good at that. It’s especially easy this time of year with all the flags, parades, fireworks and patriotic music.

I’m referring to the freedom we have in Christ. I’m embarrassed to admit, but I’m not always the best at it.  Do you ever do this?  You sin, confess, but feel so badly about it, that you skip prayer or quiet time?  As if putting yourself in “time out” from God will help?  I know, it’s crazy. Instead my sin should remind me how much I NEED Him in my life and need His forgiveness.

You probably can belt out Phil Wickham’s “This Is Amazing Grace”, Chris Tomlin’s “Amazing Grace” or Matthew West’s “Grace Wins” like there’s no tomorrow, but are you embracing the fact that you’ve been set free from that sin? That all is forgiven?

I leave you with an excerpt from Philip Yancy’s book, “Vanishing Grace”:

“Mark Rutland whimsically recalls a survey in which Americans were asked what words they would most like to hear.  he predicted the first choice: “I love you.” Number two was “I forgive you.” The third choice took him by surprise:  “Supper’s ready”. It dawned on Rutland that these three statements provide a neat summary of the gospel story.  We are loved by God, forgiven by God, and invited to the banquet table. In the midst of a planet marked by brokenness – violence, natural disasters, ruptured relationships – the gospel is truly good news.  Like an IPod listener dancing in a subway station full of glum commuters, a Christian bears a different sound, of joy and laughter on the other side of pain and death.”

Now THAT’s embracing freedom.  Let’s do this!


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3 thoughts on “Are you embracing your freedom?”

  1. Have you read “Victory Over the Darkness” and “Bondage Breaker” by Dr. Neil T. Anderson? Truly liberating.

  2. Ohhhh this was good. The fact that we all “punish” ourselves for sinning helps me realize how great our God is. It’s so interesting how meticulous the mind can be. I’ve been in this cycle of self sabotage because I try to be a “Good Christian,” only to fail over and over again.
    How great is our God? Thank you for the reminder and realization that I’m just human. God is God, ruler over all! We can’t do this thing called life without Him.

  3. I took a class in freedom in Christ. It has helped me so much especially in the forgiving aspect in life. I am very happy with my life right now since I am found and a child of God. I have so much more to learn and I am always amazed with nature and the things God has created. Thank you Jesus for loving me.

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