A Common Name

Luke 1:26-56

“And the Virgin’s name was Mary…”

Such a simple name. 

A common name. 

A common name, for an ordinary girl, living her life in an insignificant part of the world, completely unaware of the extraordinary request of an Angel on behalf of God, that would be made of her. Little did she know what her response would give her in the years to come. Little did she know what it would cost her in the years to come. She set the example for all of us to follow with the words “…may it be done to me according to your word.”

Those words set into motion the greatest story every told. The story of birth, life and death. The story of water turning into wine, of the feeding of thousands with a couple of fish, the story of walking on water, turning over tables, the story of love, forgiveness and mercy. The story of Jesus. 

And only one human witnessed it all; Mary. From the beginning, to the bitter end, to the astounding ultimate triumph. That person was a simple girl, with a common name in an insignificant part of the world. Her name was Mary, the Mother of Jesus and she is the finest example we will ever have of what it means to submit and follow God. 

Let’s join with Mary this Christmas and exclaim; “My soul magnifies the Lord, my spirit rejoices in God my Savior”!

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1 thought on “A Common Name”

  1. Great devotional. Comforting to my family and I as we just lost my wife to CoVID a few months ago. Tough Christmas, but She was a faithful woman like Mary, praise God.
    Thanks again for this message. We do all need to follow Mary’s example!

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