The Disappearing Dad

When we think of what the word ‘Dad’ means, a lot of words come to mind: reliable, kind, compassionate, steady, bread-winner, integrity, faithful, protector…just to name a few.

But it seems like these traits, many of which guys like me strive to have every day, are not celebrated in today’s world. I just read an article in our local newspaper where they interviewed 6 area ‘celebrities’ and asked about their Dad’s. 4 out of 6 interviews either described their relationship as strained or non-existent and others celebrated not the traditional traits of a solid Father, but their Dad’s embracing of an alternative sexuality.

Is this really the best that can be offered to ‘celebrate Dad’s’ on Father’s Day? Have traditional Dad’s all but disappeared? Out of a metro-area of over 4 million people, they couldn’t find more Dad’s that simply do the daily hard-work of earning a living, staying loyal and true to their bride and work to be the foundation of the lives God has blessed them with to help shape and mold?

Aside from the obvious media driven agenda that is ever more present to diminish the idea of a masculinity and the role of Father’s, I find these types of articles to be a reason for men to dig in deeper.

Dad’s you are needed now more than ever. First and foremost, your wives need you. They need you to play the role of husband and all that that entails. A role that is uniquely masculine no matter what CNN tells you. Embrace that role and do not be ashamed to lead, to provide and to protect. And be humble enough to ask for forgiveness when you fail- that only makes you stronger.

Next: your son’s and daughters need you. By your example, by your words and mostly with your time. Our kids are ‘kids’ for the blink of an eye. It goes by so very fast, don’t miss it. They need you most when they push you away the hardest.

Lastly, God doesn’t need you, as God ‘needs’ for nothing. It’s even better; God WANTS you. He wants you to be the man he’s designed for this time, with the people in your life and in this place. He wants you to rely on Him as your Father, so that he can pour into you and equip you to be a reflection of Him.

Happy Father’s Day to all of the Dad’s reading this. You have a tough job, but if you are like me, it’s the best job you can ever be blessed with!

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