Love Has Come

“I’ll wait with you at the hospital.”

“I want to see your performance.”

“I’ll come hang out with you.”

There’s magic in those three statements, don’t you think?  The gift of your presence is a treasure, especially in a world that values independence, and where we know more people via social media than face-to-face.

One of my favorite themes at Christmastime is the fact that Jesus was called, Emmanuel, which means, “God with us.” How profound that the God of the universe came in human from, to be with us! He gave us the gift of his presence through His son and promises we are never alone.  Remember the Amy Grant Christmas song, she wrote with Michael W. Smith,  “Love Has Come”?  It says it perfectly:

Love has come
For the world to know
As the wise men knew
Such a long time ago
And I believe that angels sang
That hope had begun
When the God of glory
Who is full of mercy
Sent his son

My prayer for you this Christmas is that you will remember He is with you.  You’re not alone. No matter what you’re going through, His love surrounds you this holiday season. Oh, and let’s look for ways to show Him how grateful we are for His love by giving others the gift of our presence!

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