Life’s Storms

There is a scripture in the book of Nahum that is both scary and comforting at the same time. Chapter one, verse eight says, “His way is in the fierce winds and storms….”

Winds and storms have a different meaning to me today than they did when I was a child.

I loved being in the middle of a summer storm when I was young! Getting soaked and being shaken by gargantuan thunder claps. Today as I write this, I have to say I hate the storms that I am faced with on a daily basis. The storm of having a terminally ill parent, a special needs child and a monthly income that barely makes it to the end of my monthly bills. These storms make my insides quake with the fear of what might or could happen. Leaving in their wake anxiety, depression and discouragement. Things that not only effects my psyche, at times it touches every square inch of the relationships that I hold near and dear to my heart.

I don’t have all the answers, but I do know by experience that storms are apart of life. The somewhat encouraging part of all this is that “His way is in the storms”. Jesus said that, He is the way! Therefore, not only does he know what’s going on, but he is in it with me! I have learned that the only way through it is to stay connected to Him and what He says.

So while we are experiencing the storms of life, let’s look together for Him in the midst of the storm. Whether you will find Him in a word from the pages of our Bible, your Pastor’s message from Sunday or a whispered word from the Holy Spirit during a prayer or in a candid conversations with a trusted friend.

Each of these have the ability to inspire and encourage us to gain insight, purpose and strength so that we can live the life of a Christ follower and pass on to others that there is hope in and through their storms as well.

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