Everything Has Meaning

My husband and I used to have this delightful little exchange going back and forth. He would say, “Everything has meaning” and I would playfully respond, “No it doesn’t! Not EVERY thing has meaning!” I was younger then and don’t want him know that he was right! I’ll eventually admit it to him but right now I feel like I’ll never live it down.

God is Sovereign. Nothing is random. Not even the blind man mentioned in John 9. The disciples were confused by the man in not knowing who was at fault for his blindness? Him or his parents? Jesus knew that man’s blindness was for the glory of God! (And that’s exactly what He did with it!)

With everything going on in the world right now, so many people wonder why God would allow these things to happen. This can be traced back to the original sin in the garden of Eden. We live in a broken world. It wasn’t suppose to be like this. It’s amazing how God uses the bad things in our life to get us ready for the great things He has in store for us.

Paul’s letter to the Romans teaches us, “we know that for those who love God all things work together for good.” (Romans 8:28a ESV)

Without all the pain I have been through, I would not be ready for the many blessings God has placed in my life today. Even more important is this, that all of these things serve to help me grow and mature as a Christian when I trust God. Now, get out your Bible and read the rest of what Paul has to say! You’ll find that in all of these trials, troubles and pain, “we are being conformed to the image of His Son” (Romans 8:29a ESV) so that by faith in Jesus, we are justified so that we may be glorified in the life to come!

I didn’t see a reason for it then, but I do now. Yes, my hubby was right. Everything has meaning.

Should I tell him? 🙂
Keep the Faith!



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