Don’t Blink

Any parent will tell you, the days go by slow and the years go by fast!


The daily grind and ‘stuff of life’ can make the busy days seem like they will never end! Every day it’s a frenzy of homework, ballgames, getting dinner on the table, get everyone to bed and then repeat it all again tomorrow! The busy pace can make it seem like time is standing still.


But then you flip through some old pictures an you realize it’s all going by so fast. The high-chairs and diapers that you see in those old pics, items that once consumed your existence, are now a fond memory. All of the firsts are over, your child’s first band performance, the first recital, the first report card. It’s all a memory that leaves you misty-eyed thinking about it.


In the words of the popular country song, ‘Don’t Blink’. Life is funny that way. God gives us the honor of being Mom’s and Dad’s, probably so we can have a glimpse into how much He loves us. One minute we are strapping the kids in a car seat, the next they are driving away to their own apartment and their own life.


When my own adult son visits us from his home a couple of states away, I dread the day that he heads back home! We hug, say ‘I love you’ and then I watch until I can’t see his taillights anymore. I pray for his safety and I then I go back inside, hiding my tears, sad that he isn’t a part of my daily life anymore, but proud of the man he is becoming.


It is all a part of the unfolding of God’s plan, His perfect timing and our part in the bigger picture. That is where I rest when I’m longing for yesterday. But honestly, I still wish I could go back, just for 5 minutes, when I was my 3 daughters Prince Charming and to my son I was Super Man! Those were the days!


Life is so fleeting and fast. Kids grow up, they move on…don’t blink.


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