Christmas Traditions

What’s your family’s favorite Christmas Tradition?

That’s a question I always ask in artist interviews around this time of year.

Mark Hall, of Casting Crowns, gave me one that is absolutely theft worthy.

When his children were younger, he started the Christmas Tradition of hiding pieces of their Nativity Set. The family would then search for the pieces like an Easter Egg Hunt! Here’s where it gets really creative: whatever piece you find, you have to tell the Christmas Story from that character’s perspective.

You find one of the three kings, you tell it from the king’s perspective.

You find a camel…yep, you tell it from the camel’s perspective!

Mark’s kids are older now but they still ask to “do that thing with the Nativity” each Christmas.  Mark said traditions are hard to start but stick with it and you’ll make sure Jesus has the first seat in the house on His birthday.

Merry Christmas!

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