”What do you want to be known for?”

My Pastor Andy Stanley asked that from the Catalyst Stage, and provoked thought inside both myself and an arena filled with others. Leaders young and not so young were all taking the time to invest in themselves, and their team, to gain clarity and multiply their impact.

This message resonates with me daily, and as I prepare to attend my seventh Catalyst Conference at the Infinite Energy Arena, I am readying myself to hear some new inspiration from Tim Tebow, Bob Goff, and especially from Brene Brown, whose story this year is sure to include her experience being one of the many affected in the Houston floods.

When Brene Brown met us on her Facebook page while volunteering and counseling flood victims at a Houston shelter, stating a sincere and immediate need for clean underwear, I was one of the thousands that gratefully participated immediately in Undies for Everyone.

Brene’s teachings on courage and vulnerability are life changing. The speakers, music, and opportunities offered at this years Catalyst Conference Experience are a must see. I highly recommend it, and right now The Fish is offering discounted tickets to this event in The Outlet Online found at

I hope to see you there!

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