Limited Time Offer! “You Are Free” by Bob Christopher

Basic Gospel is offering listeners a FREE DOWNLOAD of “You Are Free”, from of Bob Christopher’s book Simple Gospel, Simply Grace. 

“We’re all natural-born legalists,” says author Bob Christopher. “We try to live for God, but it’s impossible to do.”

Why? Because all our efforts and ideas are based on the same fear-based, guilt-driven plot line: Try harder. As you’ve undoubtedly noticed, it just doesn’t work.

Simple Gospel, Simply Grace showcases an alternative, which is actually God’s original plan: Everything you’re trying to achieve in the Christian life has already been given to you—from God, by grace, in Christ.

Do you struggle to receive what God has freely given? How can you begin to experience true freedom, assurance of your forgiveness, and victory over sin? How can the power that raised Jesus from the dead enable you to live and love the way He did?

You’ll discover the answers in this crystal-clear portrayal of the simple gospel—which is simply grace.

Request your copy of “You Are Free” from Bob Christopher’s Simple Gospel, Simply Grace today!

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