COVID-19 Series


“The counsel of the Lord stands forever, the plans of his heart to all generations.” Psalm 33:11

These are uncertain times our nation is facing. With a virus that is severely impacting a majority of the globe, it can be hard to see God’s plan in it all. That is why we need community. Something, or someone, to lean on to help one another through. We at 104.7 The Fish and FaithTalk Atlanta want to be that for you.

  If you look at the tabs located above you may notice a new one labeled “COVID19 Series.” Our live and local show, FaithTalk LiVE, has joined together with National Ministries, local pastors and ministry leaders to form a series designed to encourage and provide hope to the community during a time of intense unrest and uncertainty. This series is comprised of interviews feature a host of familiar names, as well as some new ones, bringing God’s word to the people, updating us on their communities and sharing what steps they are taking to serve where they can.

The COVID19 Series was created with the intent to help you, our listeners, continue to grow closer to the Lord when all else appears to be spiraling out of control. We know that even in the uncertainty HE is still in control. Our peace is reliant and stable in HIM. We are still here for you Atlanta, and our continual promise to you, to be a light in our community, will hold true – just in a slightly different format ;). We love you and are praying for you.

Be sure to check out the new Church Service Live Streams page available on our websites, and tune in here each week for updated interviews with the #COVID19 Series. Together we will get through this. OUR God is stronger.

Love – Team Atlanta

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