Broken Things

I love home shows where a design expert will take something broken, out of style, ready for the trash bin and repurpose it into something wonderful for the room!  Isn’t that what Jesus does for us?

Seriously, we are all broken in some way – physically, emotionally, spiritually.  But if you have any doubt that Jesus is the ultimate design expert, just look at the people He hand-picked to be His disciples.  Those guys had issues!  I mean, Peter, my personal favorite, was impulsive, sometimes violent – he even denied Jesus.  Peter was definitely broken.  What did Jesus do?  He didn’t throw Peter out.  He brought Peter back and used him to build His church upon.  That’s some great repurposing!

I love what Matthew West says in his song, Broken Things:  “But if it’s true You use broken things, then here I am Lord, I am all Yours.”

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