Above and Beyond

If I had a dollar for every time I have used the scripture Ephesians 3:20 in a sermon, I would be sitting on a beach right now! Retired, drinking a cold drink and reading a thought provoking and inspiring biography (can you hear the ocean waves crashing in my head right now?). It’s the scripture that says, “ God will do above and beyond what we ask, think or imagine”. Honestly I can imagine some pretty sizable things, but frankly, I haven’t seen the above and beyond.

Today on our show FaithTalk LiVE, Jen Barnes of an organization called Life Totes, used that same scripture! Yet, when she used it it had LIFE mixed with it! The story she told made it come alive and tangible! Jen founded Life Totes, a company that sells totes, backpacks and the like.  They are made by impoverished women who live in Cambodia.  The items are made from recycled and reclaimed goods form the local dump! The profits from sales of these items in return builds schools, churches and much needed medical clinics. This particular region of Cambodia has been rocked with the torment of genicide, ten of thousands of deaths and a dark hopelessness since 1975.

Jen’s faith in God and her attitudes of pay-the-price and do-whatever-it-takes to promote dignity for the cause of Christ has caused these women, these Mothers to have a glimmer of hope again. Not only for themselves but for their poor, a neglected children as well. This encounter inspired me to not whine about what I don’t have in my extremely blessed life!

I have also determined to allow Ephesians 3:20 to have more space in my world! God does it by working within us by His Spirit-deeply and gently to get us to live outside ourselves to change the lives of others for the better. Then, like Jen Barnes and the women working on the edge of that Cambodian dump, I will see God move within me and experience above and beyond what can I ask, think or dream.

Rick Probst from FaithTalk LiVE
Talk Show Host and Pastor

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